Sponsor a Bagel Brunch via check

Bagels and Judaism go hand in hand, which is why we're starting monthly bagel brunches at Iowa Hillel and we need your help!

Sponsor a bagel brunch today for a $150 donation and bring students together on a Sunday morning. Bagel Brunches will be paired with a health and wellness activity prior. Before meeting for coffee and bagels, students will have the opportunity to partake in a different yoga class, go for a run, or enjoy a guided mediation, among other activities. Join us in helping get our Iowa Hillel students focused as they end their weekend and get focused for the week ahead. Don't worry, we'll have gluten free and vegan bagels to make sure dietary restrictions are accommodated for!

Many parents, grandparents, alumni, community members, and businesses choose to sponsor specific meals to celebrate and commemorate unique events. We invite you to sponsor a bagel brunch in honor of a student, an alumni, a wedding anniversary or a birthday. During the meal the person(s) and the occasion will be publicized so our students may join in the celebration, and we'll send over pictures from brunch and tell you about our relaxing paired activity.

To make a recurring donation, please reach out to the Executive Director, Ashley Carol-Fingerhut, at ashley@iowahillel.org or at (319) 338-0778.