support Renovations and building updates

We're so lucky here at Iowa Hillel to have our own beautiful building adjacent to campus. The Hillel House is more than a house but rather a home to all of our Jewish students here at the University.

This beautiful building was built in 1970 and since then students have frequented Hillel on a daily basis to find a community where they can connect with friends, study for their exams, enjoy some amazing food on a Friday night, and find a Jewish community.

Today, we aim to update our house so that it can remain a beautiful home for our students today. There is new equipment needed in the kitchen, new furniture needed in the home, a new water fountain, carpet removal for new flooring painting that needs to be done, and a deck to be built. Students come to Hillel for the people, but the environment we create in the Hillel house is imparitive to our success. Your donation will help cover our costs to give Hillel the face lift it needs.

If you have a certain update to the Hillel House you'd like to fund more specifically or would like to make a recurring donation, please reach out directly to the Executive Director, Ashley Carol-Fingerhut at or (319) 338-0778.