Student Leadership

Our Student Board members are the backbone of everyday programming and planning at Hillel.


Sarah Weiland and Rachel Lerman, 2016-2017 co-presidents.

Sarah Weiland and Rachel Lerman, 2016-2017 co-presidents.

Student Board

Vice Presidents, from Left to RighT

Samuel Blekhman, VP of Internal Affairs
Max Bohlin, VP of Communication and Outreach
Gabriella Koren, VP of Programming
Emily Schwartzstein, VP of Tikkun Olam
Zachary Savitz, Freshman Representative

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Find the Hottest Internships in Israel

We've all experienced the search for the perfect internship -- the one where you see a whole new side of the field you love, the one where your boss encourages you to add your insights, the one that makes your future employers' eyes pop. 

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Study abroad

Israel has a wealth of amazing study abroad opportunities during the academic year and over the summer. From world class universities to sustainability programs to global service opportunities to Jewish education and more, you will not be disappointed by your options. And there are plenty of programs in anglit (English) for those less endowed with a Hebrew vocabulary, although there are a number of ulpan (Hebrew intensive) courses as well!

Come stop by the Hillel to pick up some pamphlets or inquire within!